Respecting the surroundings has its rewards

The olive grove of Malbuger Nou

A beautiful family dream come true.

The Olive Trees

The olive grove which has more than 600 trees grows and bears fruit in the hotel’s fields. Our olive forest is made up of lush, beautiful trees.

The rooms of the country hotel are distributed among the olive grove and are connected by paths lined with lavender and rosemary.


The olives we grow are of the Arbequina variety. They are small, mature fast and are harvested early.

As the island of Menorca has a mild climate, we usually harvest our olives at the end of October and the start of November. At this stage, the olives have lost part of their green colour, there is an increase in the oil content and there is less water.

The Oil

After the harvest, we produce a smooth, aromatic olive oil which we use to season the dishes in our restaurant.

If your visit coincides with the harvest, and you so wish, you can accompany us to the olive press where we take our olives and observe the whole process which ends with our precious oil.

The Taste

We look after our olive grove with natural treatments. We do not use pesticides.

The results depend on the harvest, therefore our production varies.

On your return home, you can enjoy the smooth nuances of our oil which you can purchase in the small hotel shop.