We enjoy the luxurious Menorcan pantry

Menorcan Products

The island is enterprising and productive as far as the food sector is concerned. It is very easy for us to have excellent local Menorcan products for our breakfast and in the restaurant.

​Malbuger Nou Olive Oil

It is olive oil of the Arbequina variety. It is the pure juice of the olives which is extracted by mechanical processes using the centrifugation method.

It is exclusively produced for use in the hotel breakfast and the restaurant and for sale in the small hotel shop.

Our Fruit and Vegetables

We get flavourful vegetables and fruit from our vegetable gardens and orchards. The sort that make you say, “That is the taste of a real tomato!” when you try them.

We have two organic gardens at the hotel that can be visited by the guests. And if you wish, you can pick the vegetables yourself and we can then make you a fresh, tasty salad or delicious roast vegetables.

Typical Artisan Cold Cuts from the island

Carnixua, Sobrasada, Camot, White and black Butifarrón.

The artisanal cold cuts for our breakfast and restaurant are supplied by our family in “Carnicería Camps,” a butcher’s shop located in the market square in the historical centre of Mahon. We are thus able to verify the quality of the meat and cold cuts served in our establishment.

If you want to purchase some sobrasadas, carn i xuas or Mahon cheese for your return home, you only have to make an order during your stay. The items will be ready on the day of your choice and offered at a reduced rate in comparison with the shop price.

Mahón-Menorca Cheese Protected certificate of origin

The cheeses are made from milk from Menorcan cows following a millennial tradition.

The wind which blows the sea salt across the pasture, the humidity and the light in Menorca give this cheese an unusual taste which is intense and unmistakeable.

You can find it in different stages of maturity; tender, semi-cured and cured. We choose the cheese for our hotel from one of the best producers on the island.

You can order cheese for your return home at an excellent price and receive a beautiful case which is typical for Mahon cheese.

Typical Sweets

We make little temptations like cakes and biscuits for breakfast and the desserts in the restaurant in our kitchen.

The confectionary tradition on the island is engrained in Menorcan families who rigorously follow the different recipes to celebrate the events and festivities of the calendar.

We also stock up on local pastries like ensaimadas, coca bamba, casquinyols, crespells and delicious sweets from the island’s pastry shops.